Wellness Wednesday, call to schedule

Wellness Wednesday


1. Hydrate: Get instant hydration with 500cc ($57) or 1000cc ($77) of normal saline or lactated ringers (pH balanced water and electrolytes). These solutions restore fluid balance, reduce acidity, and replenish electrolytes. Excellent for recovery from a cold or G.I. bug. They also help with detoxification by flushing out your system.

2. Replenish. The original Myers’ Cocktail gives your body the right blend of vitamins and minerals for overall wellness and optimal function. Along with normal saline, it contains magnesium, calcium, B complex, B12, B5, and B6. $163

3. The Shot in the Arm. B12 ($25) and Super B complex (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12, $35) injections help to maintain healthy nerve cell function, produce RNA, DNA, and red blood cells, and help iron to function properly as well as reducing fatigue and assisting with concentration.

3. Detoxify. Calcium EDTA helps binds to and cleanse your body of lead, mercury, and other toxic heavy metals. $152

4. Recover. Anti-fatigue vitamins and minerals combined with glutathione (a powerful antioxidant) help restore function, detoxify, and improve energy. Perfect for jet lag and travel recovery or for hangovers! $183

5. The Lyme Blaster. High-dose vitamin C combined with a blend of vitamins and minerals in lactated ringer’s solution, finished with plenty of glutathione. This deluxe infusion assists with energy production, immune function, antioxidant defenses, detoxification, hydration, electrolyte balance, reducing acidity, and other medical issues that chronic tickborne disease can cause. $204.

Please contact the staff at IHCM to schedule your appointment, call 207 699-3830.
Our Wellness Wednesday events are each Wednesday.

Sign up sheets for complimentary services will be in the waiting area when the reception area opens again.

Thank you and Be Well!