Jeanne M Curtin, Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach

Jeanne M Curtin, Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach

Jeanne M Curtin

healthy habits, LLC

Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach


Jeanne is certified through the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy. If you are experiencing digestive issues such as abdominal discomfort, bloating, and/or fatigue, she can help. She assists clients in finding a personalized plan to improve their quality of life by modifying lifestyle factors such as sleep & relaxation, exercise & movement, nutrition, stress, and relationships. Her goal is to help individuals realize their healthiest and happiest selves… one habit at a time.


Her interest in health and wellness started when she experienced digestive issues in her twenties, grew after her son was born, and strengthened even more when she founded and co-ran a cancer support group.


Jeanne holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a minor in Communications. She homeschooled her son for 9 years, self-published a children’s novel, and continues to write stories for both children and adults. She enjoys yoga and keeping active outdoors – especially hiking, biking, kayaking, and playing pickleball. She loves listening to music and health & wellness podcasts.


Jeanne offers a free 15-minute consultation.


Hours: 9 am – 5 pm Mondays (via Zoom) & Fridays (via Zoom and/or in the IHCM office)


Phone: (207)400-7467

Email: jeannecurtin@protonmail.com