Consciousness operates in a number of different modes and styles. Each night, as we relax into sleep, our level of alertness begins to slow from fully awake into deep sleep. We tend to think that we’re either fully awake or asleep, but in fact there are many different layers to both states.

Hypnosis is a gentle way to explore and access some of the layers of awareness that form our habits and the ways we make choices and decisions. The mind is in some ways like a high-speed digital computer, recording, processing, and organizing all of our perceptions, and storing them for later retrieval. Often childhood trauma and overwhelms alter the way we make current time choices and decisions, and form habits and strategies that worked for us as children but don’t work quite as well in an adult body.

Over-eating of sweet, comfort food, drinking to excess, smoking cigarettes and gambling are but a few of the behaviors driven by non-conscious decisions. Hypnosis can help to re-boot some of the deeper reasons for these behaviors and free us from their negative habit patterns and consequences.

No one can hypnotize you to do anything you’re not comfortable with, contrary to what we sometimes see in stage hypnosis entertainments. Clients are in complete control and work only toward issues they’ve chosen to explore and agreed to in advance with the therapist.

Practitioner: Alan Berman