Health and Nutrition Coaching

Integrative Health and Nutrition Coach/Counseling

A Health Coach or Counselor is a nutrition expert, wellness authority and a supportive coach. People work with health counselors to achieve their health goals in areas such as chronic disease and weight management, food cravings, depression, sleep, energy and digestion.

Together, the Health Counselor and client customize a plan to upgrade the client’s nutrition and other aspects of their life, including career, relationships, physical activity and spirituality. A variety of modalities are used to support each client in reaching their personal wellness goals including: email support between sessions, books and DVDs on health-related topics; food samples and health care products; a monthly newsletter and other ideas to improve their clients’ health. During the program, clients develop a deep understanding of the foods and lifestyle that work best for them, and implement lasting changes that improve their energy, balance and health for the rest of their lives.

Practitioners: Kathleen CoullardSean McCloy, Devra Krassner