Integrative Health Center of Maine is thrilled that Elizabeth O’Neill, MAOM, L.Ac. joined the IHCM team in October. Elizabeth has been practicing Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine for many years. Please check visit bio and services pages. Feel free to reach her at elizabethoneill@maineintegrative.com or call 207 699-3807

The good news continues! Joining the IHCM team in November is Rasha Hanafy, DO, MD-VIP. We will be updating our website so you may learn more about Dr. Hanafy in the meantime visit https://www.mdvip.com/doctors/rashahanafydo

Joining the IHCM team in December is Debbie Pepper-Dougherty and her team. Please visit her website https://www.dpepperd.com/ and check back soon to learn more about Nutrition Consultants!

Thank you and Be Well!