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Releasing Toxins with Hypnosis

At the Integrative Health Center of Maine, Dr. Sean McCloy, M.D., M.P.H., M.A and Hugh Sadlier, M. Ed., Board Certified Medical Hypnotherapist, are EXPANDING LYME HORIZONS. Dr. McCloy has successfully been treating Lyme disease patients with Intravenous Vitamin Therapies, Heavy Metal Detoxification, and his Holistic/Functional/Western Medical approach since 2002, while Hugh Sadlier has been helping clients resolve dis-ease with hypnosis since 1991. Together they are a Lyme-Literate team that brings hope to patients with Lyme disease, especially chronic Lyme, that resolution is possible.
This revolutionary direction is based on the research and practice of Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., Ph.D., a nationally and internationally renowned Lyme and infectious disease expert. He states emphatically: “Unresolved psychological issues, such as early childhood physical or psychological trauma, trap metals, mercury and other toxins inside the body in ways that cannot be mobilized with current spirochetes agents. We must combine a simple biological approach with psychological techniques. The results are incredible! That is why we have far better results with detox than other people.”
In his Trauma Therapy, Dr. Klinghardt establishes a dialogue with the subconscious mind that acts as a biofeedback device through muscle testing. As a patient releases the impact of trauma, s/he simultaneously releases its grip on the toxins.
Hypnotherapy enables the same process to take place. As someone accepts suggestions to enter a comfortably relaxed altered state of consciousness, s/he disconnects from the conscious mind and becomes totally connected with the subconscious mind, which contains a record of one’s entire life. The protective aspect of the subconscious mind also ensures that the person is in control at all times and can return to a fully conscious state at any moment, if wanted or needed. A dialogue is then established as the hypnotherapist asks questions that elicit responses from the subconscious mind. The goal is to gain awareness of the messages, experiences and influences earlier in life that contributed to an issue taking hold, including trauma. As the subconscious mind identifies the “roots of the problem”, the person is then able to release their lingering impact and imagine being completely healed, which releases the grip on the toxins at the deep, cellular level.
Sean McCloy, M.D. ph: (207) 699-3830 ~ Hugh Sadlier, BCMH ph: (207) 773-5200