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Avoid The Vacation Blues

Are you excited about your vacation plans but also concerned about blowing your diet when you are eating away from home? Many of you are either learning or have learned how to incorporate a healthy lifestyle plan that works for you on a daily basis. You try to eat balanced meals with fresh, whole foods from your favorite grocery store. You may have set exercise routines that you enjoy along with daily, healthy habits that you easily sustain such as getting to bed and waking up at the same time every day.
The biggest challenge for many of us is when we leave the comfort of our own homes and routines. We no longer have the resources and schedule that have kept us on track. It can be difficult to find healthy, fresh food on the road, especially at airports and highway stops along the way.
It is difficult to maintain your healthy routine, but it is not impossible, and well worth your efforts to do so.
The key to avoiding vacation set backs is to plan ahead. Of course, you will be treating yourself to foods and outings you don’t usually partake of while home. That is part of the fun- but too much of a “good” thing may not be a really “good” thing if it leaves you
feeling sluggish, bloated, and stressed.
Below are our 10 tips for a more balanced, enjoyable vacation to help you avoid the
vacation blues!
1. Traveling on the road?

  • Bring your own food: Pack a cooler of snacks and water.
  • Need to stop: Search out a Whole Foods or grocery store like Wegmans where you can find prepared healthy food choices. Sure it may take you off the highway a couple of miles, but it is worth the extra 10 minute drive to eat a delicious meal. Plus if you are traveling a long distance, what’s another 10 minutes?
  • Once you reach a destination: Have foods delivered ahead of time. We like thrivemarket.com , a great online market to get healthy products at reduced prices.

2. When eating out…

  • Choose restaurants before you go: Go online and look at their menu to see if it fits your needs. Do they offer gluten free choices or a variety of items so you can find something you will like (and it will like you)?
  • Create your own meal when you order to fit your personal needs: Many restaurants offer specialty meals or will make modifications. Ask for what you want. For example, request extra veggies with real butter (hold the bad oils) instead of the carbs, tell them you don’t want the bread basket as soon as you arrive. You are the guest and most are willing to accommodate your special needs and requests.

3. When you are on vacation:

  • Find local health food stores and farmers’ markets and prepare easy, tasty meals yourself. Pack your favorite recipes or try some new ones. You will save money and your waist line.

4. Liquid choices:

  • Drink wisely. Stay hydrated with lots of water and don’t overdo alcohol. Limit to 2 drinks per night and hydrate in-between with water.
  • Eat healthy snacks, appetizers like raw veggies so you aren’t drinking on an empty stomach.

5. Incorporate movement into your vacation:

  • This may not be the time to go to the gym, but make it a goal to move daily.
  • Try new recreational activities that get you off the lounge chair and doing something exciting and fun. It will leave you feeling stronger and invigorated. You may love it so much you continue to do it at home. How about some beach badminton, frisbee tossing with your children or dog, hiking and beach walks? There is so much to try, depending on where you go.

6. Rest:

  • Go to bed at reasonable hours and don’t over sleep. Of course you will want to sleep in and take naps as part of your relaxing getaway. Try not to get too off track with your sleep schedule as it will make it harder to adjust when you get home.

7. Get support:

  • Talk to your family and friends and let them know you will have more fun if you are making healthy choices and feeling your best while away.

8. When you splurge:

  • It is fine to have an occasional treat, however the treat does not open the door to full days/nights of treat. If you choose to have a treat, enjoy it and eat healthy at the next meal.

9. Stick to food sensitivity needs:

  • It is no fun to have digestive or other health issues on vacation and feeling like you have to be near the closest bathroom at all times.

10. Post-vacation:

  • Plan to get home a day or two before you actually have to get back to work or school. You will be extremely grateful to have the extra time to get back into your home routine, shop and plan for the re-entry week ahead. It will also be valuable in resetting your sleep schedule!


So many people over do it on vacation with the “I’m on vacation, so what the heck” mentality only to pay for it later. Vacation is a time to rest, re-energize, and de-stress. Overeating, eating foods and drinks that don’t agree with you, and late night partying will actually take away from your vacation experience.

Plan to make this an awesome getaway, leaving you refreshed, energized and happy.


If you need additional support to help with lifestyle balance in your daily life or on vacation please contact Mary Moskowitz and Laura Manuel at weightlosscenterofme@gmail.com or 207-200-6155


Mary Moskowitz MS, Holistic Health, Nutrition and Cancer Coach and Laura Manuel, Board Certified Behavior Analyst work together at the Weight Loss Center of Maine through the Integrative Health Center of Maine located at 222 Auburn St, Portland ME 04101. The Weight Loss Center of Maine provides a personalized approach to support individuals to reach and sustain healthy lifestyles for a lifetime. If you are interested please contact weightlosscenterofme@gmail.com or 207-200-6155

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