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A Hypnosis Super Star

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June 2016

A Hypnosis Super Star

We know the subconscious mind can be quite creative. But never before had a person with such “gifted hypnotic creativity” come to my office. When she did, it seemed like I was observing an awakening or an out-of-body-experience. As the ever-present guide, I felt enthralled, enraptured, and awe-struck by the ways this client orchestrated her own healing.
A sixtyish-year-old woman with a very peaceful and gentle affect came for her first appointment. She wanted to resolve the influence of “bad family training, blocks to success, severe trauma, unrelenting stress, having been wired for pain and stress, and the unraveling of her life”. She had tried many alternative therapies, but was still like a puppet being controlled by the invisible strings of an abusive past. Her parents were negative, critical, and both emotionally and physically abusive. Her father was a rageaholic; her mother was firmly in control and would squeeze Mary’s jaw painfully hard to demonstrate her dominance. The atmosphere was like a “war zone”, in which Mary would wake up each day “on alert”. Observing her father physically abusing her two-years-older brother saddened and frightened her and bolstered her resolve to “not give in”.
The first indication of Mary’s unique abilities occurred when she was three years old. She had been feeling like her mother was “trying to rip her away from her soul”. Suddenly, she was aware of a bright, white, vertical column of light that represented the source of infinite power – in her soul. The light gave her the power to keep her soul whole. She knew her outside would be damaged, but it was imperative that she protect what was inside. Although she had “no voice”, she had the inner power that provided the ultimate protection. Unaware of Mary’s secret power, her mother became increasingly frustrated as she realized she could not completely control her or break her spirit.
Mary felt betrayed, angry, huddled and defeated, with no defense. She had a sense of being “cut off – like someone had taken an axe and cleaved her in half. She felt nothing good could happen as her soul dragged her around like a Raggedy Ann doll”. When asked how to proceed, Mary said: “The little human has to be brought into the light”- and began that process. She “needed to de-program the terribly-battered human part”. As she imagined releasing the negative impact of the abusive way her parents treated her during her “deep trauma years” from three to five, 20 % resisted release. Mary talked to the resistant part, but it had no inertia of its own. So she imagined pounding it down until it was completely defeated. Then a snow plow scooped it up and carried it to a garden, where it would be nurtured to become part of the “healed” Mary.
Mary then felt “natural joy, wisdom, a sense of being a teacher, playful, kind, having a voice that can articulate, standing in a sense of inner radiance, singing, free to move her body expressively, strong, relaxed, safe, disconnected, able to see what is, accepting what is, having a warm, loving heart, being creative and artistic, fully healthy and glowing, happy, unimpeded, feeling free to participate, a warm, loving human with a sense of inner freedom, ability to connect with people, healthy boundaries, free to voice when somebody’s abusive and tell them to stop – in the moment, fully embodying her authentic self in this human, exuberant with energy. loving being alive, acknowledging you can choose who you are going to be around, you can choose a new family, speaking lovingly to people and yourself, appreciating yourself, celebrating being you, and just allowing yourself to be the flow, safe to be successful, safe to be seen, prosperous.”
Mary’s subconscious mind indicated she needed to rewire her brain circuitry that had been so badly damaged by trauma and post traumatic stress. She took a tour of her brain, verified that the broken circuitry didn’t work, and dumped all the old wiring into a worm hole until it disappeared forever. She imagined “new pathways, filled with happy thoughts, becoming the new circuitry. She saw herself standing atop mountains, looking at vast expanses of light and free open spaces. She paused at places of wonder, where new possibilities could be explored, feeling like a blank slate looking at itself and asking: ‘what am I really like’ and ‘what do I do with possibilities’? She felt the desire to see what is, like being an explorer. She imagined starting in the serious part of her brain. She created a direct connection with the bright, white light inside her – a heart-brain connection of joy. It was as if a flower garden of joy in her heart brought joy right into her brain.”
Having cleared the impact of negative messages, Mary enabled communication to “come from the heart, through new pathways, freely, easily and confidently. Love, joy and brightness are there naturally and emanate freely – like a dam has been released and the water flows freely; like the giant parasite is gone forever and you now enjoy wonderfully psychic, emotional, positive energies; like it’s getting brighter inside and your spirit and life force are back. It feels like its cleaning the internal channels with light, clearing and remembering.”
Mary imagined holding the seeds of fear in her hand and allowed love, joy, and light to flow from her heart and touch each one and release the fear that had been there. She pictured having a special receptacle filled with love, joy and golden light that dissolves into a glowing, bright, light energy – like a golden energy that fills your being. She released her fragmented, personal identity by letting it melt into the good part of the gold, allowing it to get the whole experience. She then knew that her human identity could spread from her heart and soul, rather than from her intellect. Her false sense of self – “the impulse to project mentally and emotionally – releases as you experience your identity coming from within yourself through the golden, glowing light. You switch from living from your head projections to feeling yourself dwelling in the core of your being.” She saw herself creating a vortex and pulling all the mental projections she created back into the light, reinforcing “I’m not in the world, the world is in me“.
After releasing the traumatic feelings she experienced while in her mother’s womb, Mary saw herself “inside a flower – like a baby in a pouch. She held and sent positive energies to the baby. She non-verbally restructured her and felt calmer. She was surrounded by an energetic connectedness consisting of natural joy, a sense of being accepted, and also the ability to accept.”
Mary disconnected from unsafe situations by dis-identifying with them. She “recognized being safe regardless of what other people do. A part of her began touring through her brain saying: ‘I’m safe, I’m safe no matter what other people do’. The unified message began traveling around inside her brain and her body and brain relaxed more deeply. She could feel the new signals moving along in the recesses of her body, the muscles and organs, all the way to the cellular level. She was suddenly aware of her neck being tight, stiff and uncomfortable (representing a message from her subconscious mind). When she asked “why”, she was reminded her body had been holding onto many unspoken messages in her neck. She began a series of approximately twenty-five yawns and loud exhalations that helped her start unwinding. But the muscles on the right side of her neck and shoulder were still tight. She spoke with those parts and enjoyed a sense of safety and permission to finally release everything. She gently rocked her head from side to side and added yawns and loud exhalations. She felt soothing energy going up into her neck and shoulders where she had held fight or flight stuff for so long. She felt a sense of safety deepening in her body. She did a lot of stretching as the positive messages spread. She rested – at ease, with hands clasped on top of her head and eyes closed. She was enjoying the message that she was safe. As her heart regulated, its beat became steady and relaxed.”
As Mary released the impact of remaining negative experiences, messages and influences in her life, she felt ”engulfed by the new, light, powerful self. A sense of wholeness and solidarity gave her human parts new strength. She could access her infinite wisdom within and that’s what guides her. She felt a sense of physical and verbal freedom to express herself and feel safe. She could now share what she had learned and the gifts she has. Just being herself naturally. She could feel her own presence that projects her inner radiance and reminds her of connecting with her spiritual teacher. Her expansive awareness of her infinite self – the flow and the oneness – is like a conduit for the infinite oneness to come into your human self. It’s like going from being deaf, dumb, and blind to being fully functional; like you have transformed yourself and are forever free of the dysfunction and desperation of the past. She felt and allowed herself to project wholeness, with all her charkas working together.”
As Mary summed up her positive accomplishments and achievements, she felt “a new lightheartedness, a freedom to laugh more and giggle when thinking of things. She’s aware she is experiencing the kind of transformation she hoped would happen – her greatest desire in life. She has experienced self-actualization, which is like being aware of far more than she can put into words regarding the transformation. All the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects are completely involved. What she’s doing today, with her incredible gifts and skills, helps bring everything into the earth plane naturally, comfortably and satisfyingly. The words she speaks embody the truth of her connection with creation and infinity. She is healthy, Free To Be Me (her subconscious affirmation that reinforces everything she has done), have fun, and continue to reinforce all those things ongoingly. She is just living and sharing the truth of who she is. Possessing a never-expected abundance of creativity enables her to help other people. The more her creativity grows, the more she becomes a part of the flowing river. At the core of all this is letting the love flow from her heart freely, living without fear, and loving just for the sake of loving. She becomes totally self-realized in this lifetime. Her little human self is illuminated by her infinite self. She happily releases anything else she needs to be free of. She is infinitely grateful for the spiritual systems in her life.”



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