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Congratulations Dr. Como!

The team at IHCM would like to congratulate Dr. Lauren Como who recently earned her Ph.D. in Social Work from Smith College School for Social work.

Good Work Dr. Como, we are so proud of your accomplishment!

Batting A Thousand

Life-Enhancing Hypnosis: Empowering people to achieve optimal mental, physical and emotional well-being.   Hypno-Healthgram: Issue 67 May 2016 Batting A Thousand   At the beginning of each baseball season, a few professional players will get a hit each time they are at bat. Whether they are one for one, five for five, or higher, they

A Family Tradition

People return to Hypno-Health to work on other issues, after having been successful with previous ones. Sometimes, another member of a successful client’s family will make an appointment to work on an initial issue. Once in a great while, a third member of two successful clients’ family will make an appointment. When that happens, I

Hypnosis Works

Working in helping professions can be an end unto itself. The effort and expertise one extends to others, helping them improve, expand, gain control, or heal, produce satisfying feelings. It feels good to help someone! But the awareness of how and to what extent that happens varies from profession to profession. Results range from instant