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Imagine drifting back in time, in the memory of your subconscious mind, all the way back to when you were born. Now, imagine letting yourself go even farther back – to when you were in your mother’s womb. Although we don’t have cognitive memories of those earliest times, we do have body sensation and cellular memories that enable us to recall what our environment was like and how we were feeling. And we can negotiate our way along the continuum from conception to birth. Think of this as a journey of discovery and possibly recovery.
In an ideal world, one’s mother would be a happy, loving, compassionate, positive person who transmits those emotions to her developing fetus. We would expect the fetus to experience being nurtured and nourished, perhaps in a dark, safe, comfortable environment that fosters feelings of well-being. But the real world can be quite different. If a mother is subjected to, and or has within herself negative, uncomfortable or “dis-eased” emotions, they can be transferred to her developing fetus. Unless those feelings are eventually released (ideally by hypnosis or some other altered-state-of-mind process) they may influence a person for the rest of his/her life.
“Back to the womb” work can be useful with any issue a person wants to resolve, but I have found it to be particularly helpful when working with clients who have experienced emotional, physical, or sexual abuse. Inner child work enables a person to return to her/his earliest recollections and release and replace them. By gathering up all uncomfortable wombic feelings and disconnecting them completely, the person can then replace them by imagining positive, healthy, happy emotions taking hold. The new positive perception is accepted completely by the subconscious mind because it views reality and perception as equals. By releasing the influence of the realities (even from time in the womb) and replacing them with new perceptions, the subconscious mind accepts them as the new reality. This process is then repeated throughout one’s life, producing a new set of emotions that guides the person from that moment on.
Michael Gabriel, M.A. in Psychology and post-graduate scholar at Columbia University, had been a certified hypnotherapist and professional counselor for twenty years when his fascinating book: Voices from the Womb was published in 1992. Reviews of the book, such as the following one by Hal Zina Bennett, Ph.D., and author of Follow your Bliss and The Well Body Book, attest to its revolutionary contribution to the understanding of human development. “A stunning experience. The stories presented in this book validate secrets of the human soul that connect us all as one. Here at the edge of life’s mystery we are awed yet come away feeling we have one more piece to the eternal puzzle.”[1]
Michael Gabriel realized that many of his clients weren’t being healed by regressing to the early years following birth. As he learned more about the advantages of a person returning to the womb, he expanded his practice in that direction. He sets the parameters for Voices from the Womb with these two quotes. “The periods of infancy, birth and the nine months in the womb that produce birth, frequently reveal intense core experiences – experiences that fuel our emotional responses to life. Until we go back and resolve these emotional experiences, we may continue to live our lives like puppets controlled by the invisible strings of a forgotten past.”[2] “Hypnotic regression offers a deep, clear intensely felt reliving of early experiences, leading to a deep level of emotional release.”[3]
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