Shannon Babcock, MOT/L, MFR

Shannon Babcock, MOT/L, MFR

Myofascial Release, Occupational Therapy

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Shannon Babcock, MOT/L, MFR Shannon Babcock is a licensed Occupational Therapist and a Myofascial Release Practitioner. She received her Bachelor’s in Social and Behavioral Sciences followed by a Master’s in Occupational Therapy from the University of Southern Maine in 2009. The combination of these degree programs facilitated a unique understanding of the mind-body connection necessary to achieve holistic wellness.

Shannon spent 8 years as an Occupational Therapy practitioner and Manager of rehabilitation in skilled nursing facilities throughout Maine. During her practice she became an expert in Dementia Care, training physicians, therapists and families, focused on increasing understanding of the individual disease process, modification of behavior and enhancing both independence and quality of life. Shannon also became skilled in wheelchair seating and positioning and the use of physical agent modalities such as ultrasound, diathermy, and e-stim treatments.
After years of treating skilled clients, Shannon was introduced to The John F. Barnes Myofascial Release Approach (MFR) and this was the turning point of her career. Having utilized traditional therapy modalities for years and observing minimal or temporary gain with clients it became clear MFR was the missing link. After being introduced to the profound importance of the fascial system she incorporated this technique into her practice. Immediately, she began to note a transformation in clients who previously could not attain relief from chronic pain and failed to increase both their range of motion and strength that was limiting their daily activities. MFR produced unparalled results in these areas and many others.
Shannon’s time in skilled rehabilitation affirmed her belief that the current model of care rarely produces lasting results and can promotes illness. This is due to the failure to accurately identify and treat the underlying causes. She found there were areas of education clients required to maximize wellness that were/are considered off limits. She realized this model fragmented clients into parts rarely addressing the connection between all the parts. She chose to leave skilled care and align herself with medical and wellness professionals who were interested in understanding and promoting the holistic nature of the client so true wellness, longevity and happiness can be achieved.

In addition to Myofascial Release, Shannon is also advancing her knowledge and skills in the areas of functional nutrition. She currently works with a national team of healthcare professionals and community members who seek to provide accessible education to the community regarding functional nutrition. This same team also seeks to restore the gut microbiome through clean eating and supplementation through Univera.
At IHCM, Shannon offers Myofascial Release treatment to all ages and diagnoses. Assessment, treatment and in-home support for clients who have dementia and the families who provide care for them. Referrals within IHCM to functional health practitioners, community resources to support functional nutrition and education regarding Univera when deemed appropriate.

The initial examination will involve a physiological assessment of the fascia, ROM and areas of symptomatic pain. Each client is an individual who has a unique story. Within this story, I can begin to ascertain causes of physical and emotional pain limiting one’s ability to live their best life. This story also demonstrates individual goals and dreams of who they want to be and achieve in life. Therefore, an assessment will also include your story. One that may unfold over time as trust is developed. If I fail to assess all aspects of your being and instead separate you into parts, we will never be successful in creating the fully integrated, beautiful human that you are capable of being. Referrals within IHCM will be made to ensure you achieve the best possible path to wellness.

Contact Shannon Babcock via Phone: (207)689-4822 or via e-mail to sbabcock@maineintegrative.com To learn more about the John F. Barnes Myofascial Release Approach visit www.myofascialrelease.com.

Shannon Babcock, MOT/L, MFR –Myofascial Release

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