CranioSacral Therapy

CranioSacral Therapy™ and Somato Emotional Release™
Alan had the great good fortune to be able to train in Advanced CranioSacral Therapy and Somato Emotion Release under the tutelage of Dr. John E. Upledger, DO. While a researcher and professor of Bio-mechanics at Michigan State University College of Osteopathy, Dr. Upledger both discovered the CranioSacral System and created the protocols and treatments of CranioSacral Therapy and Somato Emotional Release, He was a true pioneer in the field of light-touch, manipulative therapies, and published extensively on various aspects of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine.
Alan completed his Advanced training with Dr. Upledger in 1989 and went on to become a Certified Teaching Assistant for the Upledger Institute’s many CST courses. This modality requires discipline and patience to listen to both the subtleties of the body and the wishes of clients desiring some way to improve their comfort and enjoyment of life. Most CST manipulations are effected with 5 grams of force (about the weight of a nickel) and 20 pounds of positive intention! Somato Emotional Release is a technique that allows body tissue, once tightened by some factual or anticipated perception, to release restrictions and restore vitality to the affected areas.
Past Life Regression
Sometimes difficult and unresolved issues from the past have even longer histories which can follow us across multiple lives or incarnations. Many scientists and researchers, particularly those studying NDE’s (Near Death Experiences) suggest that the ‘Soul’ and a version of consciousness survives physical death and may be eternal. Many world religions espouse the belief that the soul grows and matures with each incarnation, and that each of our major choices and life lessons remain retrievable for further, more in-depth review and integration.
Viewing these experiences from the safety of the present moment, allows one to gain insight and understanding from them without needing to re-experience the pain and overwhelm that may have caused them. The process is gentle and relaxing and not unlike meditative guided imagery.
These sessions generally run 2-3 hours while the client lays in a relaxed posture, responding to questions about what they are perceiving. The reviewed life very often reveals context and insight into issues that have been challenging in this one. A life of wielding abusive control of others might lead to current life challenges on the receiving end of similar abuses, in order to become more sensitive to how fragile some relationships are and how easy it is to hurt others when one is numb to their pain.
Alan has facilitated hundreds of these sessions and has led workshops in a variety of public and academic settings.
For a great introduction to this modality, I highly recommend Michael Newton’s very clear and insightful dialogs with former clients in his best-selling book, Journey of Souls.
Integrated Awareness ®
In 1995 Alan completed the 3-year, 1200-hour teacher training in Integrated Awareness™, a modality developed and taught by Lansing B Gresham. Integrated Awareness is the synergistic product of incorporating combinable elements from Feldenkrais Movement, CST, Zero Balancing, and Visceral Manipulation. Among the features of this training are the development of enhanced modes of perceiving and holding information from the physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies as well as their interactions.
Consciousness is many-layered and presents in many different forms. Illness and disfunction frequently occur at the junctures between layers caught in disharmony. For example, in an auto accident. when there is physical trauma, there is also mental confusion, as one tries to put parts of the accident into logical sequence in order to facilitate communicating clearly with other victims involved, and various law enforcement and medical personnel. Additionally, there are several profound emotional components that often include guilt, shame, remorse, sadness and intense judgments, both of self and others. An inciting argument with a spouse or an associate that results in an angry outburst can certainly contribute to loss of focus and attention to the road. An intense internal dialog can make resolving the physical plane traumas very difficult to untangle and repair, as blame and guilt whirl around. By bringing the various disparate layers into a cooperative matrix, very often healing on all the layers can happen more quickly and permanently.
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The Process
Regardless of what type of work a client feels drawn to, initial 90 minute sessions will cover relevant personal history and a CranioSacral, light touch, hands-on assessment and treatment. Clients remain clothed at all times, are awake and in control of their sessions, and in a compassionate, open-hearted, confidential, judgment-free zone. All therapeutic work occurs collaboratively and cooperatively and is led by the client. We go where you desire to go at a pace that maintains your comfort and sense of safety.
Insurance is not accepted, but there is a generous sliding scale when needed and requested. There is no fee for telephone inquiries.
Practitioners: Alan Berman