Ruby Jarrett, PharmD

Ruby Jarrett, PharmD

Ruby Jarrett, PharmD

Pharmacogenomic & Epigenetic Testing


Ruby Jarrett, PharmD received her Doctorate in Pharmacology from the University of New England. She is certified in Pharmacogenomics, StrateGene Reports, and Functional Nutrition.


“I feel there are multiple pieces to the optimal wellness puzzle which include mental/emotional state, nutritional intake, environmental exposures, and genetics. Epigenetics takes all of these components, a person’s symptoms and lab testing to identify problems and suggest modifications to help people achieve their wellness goals. I love educating people about their unique genetics and empowering them to make the life style decisions which are best for them.”


Dr. Jarrett specializes in Pharmacogenomics, Epigenetics, and Functional Nutrition. She loves to work with people to achieve their personal wellness goals.


Dr. Jarrett enjoys spending time with her family, making crafts and doing genealogy research.




Dr. Jarrett does not accept any form of insurance, and patient’s need to pay for their visit on the date of service. While Pharmacists are considered healthcare providers in the State of Maine, they are not yet considered a healthcare provider federally and services are not able to be billed no are they covered by insurance. All standard laboratory services, referrals to other In-Network providers, etc. should be covered normally under your insurance policy.


Appointments can be made on the website or by phone. www.generxescue.com


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