Michele Rabinowitz, LMT

Michele Rabinowitz, LMT

Michele Rabinowitz has been a licensed massage therapist, bodyworker and holistic healthcare practitioner for the past 28 years. Her skill and expertise is helping her clients get to the root cause of their dis-ease, whether it’s held in the body, heart, mind or spirit.

She has worked with many populations with all conditions in various settings such as chiropractic, world-renowned spas, wellness centers, integrative physical therapy, addiction treatment centers, detox facilities and private practice.
In addition, Michele worked as a clinical massage therapy instructor and developed a body/mind program as part of the students state-required hours.

Michele has spent the past 17 years studying extensively with spiritual teachers and masters on how to understand the deeper reasons why individuals suffer with chronic pain and what blocks them from realizing their true potential. Her own healing journey has led her to her unique body of healing work today. She has been in a program for the past four years and is continuing her training to become a master spiritual healer from the Sufi tradition.

As a body-based therapist, she specializes in Myofascial Release. In addition, she utilizes other modalities into her work such as energy healing, spiritual healing, aromatherapy, sound healing, somatic practices and more. Michele is known for her intuitive ability to bring balance, a state of oneness and well-being with every client she serves.

In addition, Michele is a certified life coach, certified medical spiritual healer, expressive movement therapist and artist. She is presently working on her certification as a certified trauma-informed practitioner, which is a body of work that looks at the biology of trauma and how it is held in the nervous system and body.

She believes all trauma on any level, whether personal, ancestral or collective, has the potential to be an opportunity for growth and healing; part of her work is reaching the core wound of the trauma and how it plays out in one’s life.

She works primarily with women, but welcomes all those who feel ready to explore the deeper healing with bodywork. Michele’s passion is assisting her clients to realize and wake up their true potential that has been held back from past trauma and life’s experiences so they can live a life full of love, connection and return to who they were created to be. Michele is very passionate about bringing this medicine of healing to those she sees in her practice.

Michele recently relocated from Florida to Maine to be near her family.

Michele can be reached at (954)654-8881 or michmass05@gmail.com