Elaina Wagner BS, LMBT, RYT, NMT

Elaina Wagner BS, LMBT, RYT, NMT

Elaina Wagner (BS, LMBT, RYT, NMT) is a New England native who grew up in coastal Maine on a small organic homestead. Her journey to healing and wellness began as a child through her connection to consciousness, energy and living beings. After an accident (amongst other challenges), Elaina came to find yoga as a place of serenity and pain relief. She then trained to be a 500hour registered yoga teacher and went on to study Psychology. Upon graduating with honors, Elaina embarked on a mission to learn more about the human condition, and how to heal. Her trainings and certifications include aesthetics, magnified healing, Thai bodywork, neuromuscular, cupping, massage therapy and integrative health coaching.


After 15 years as a wellness practitioner, 6 years as a massage therapist, 2 as an integrative health coach; Elaina’s primary focus is on rebalancing the nervous system, resolving pain patterns, and offering holistic solutions to stress, pain and/or chronic conditions.


Elaina is the owner and founder of Conscious Cure (est. 2015). She has found a home for her business at The Integrative Health Center of Maine. Elaina welcomes in clients of all backgrounds that are ready to heal. Elaina is traumasensitive trained, so you can ensure a safe space.


You can contact Elaina at:
Phone: 2073708033

Instagram: @consciouscure


Conscious Cure Massage & Service Menu:


SWEDISH WAVE: Our lightest touch full body massage aims at increased relaxation, circulation, and lymphatic movement. Hands on
flowing, wave like massage application from start to finish.
75 minutes starts at $95


DEEP TISSUE ROOT: This deep touch massage focuses on addressing the layers of muscle and connective tissue. Slower, focused
pressure throughout body.
75 minutes starts at $100


COMBINATION CURRENT: Like the everchanging ocean current, our most popular massage combines both neuromuscular, gua sha and therapeutic deep tissue techniques with multipressure for ultimate healing and restructuring of body.75 minutes starts at $105


NEUROMUSCULAR: Specific muscle testing and NMT techniques for myofascial release and rerouting new, healthy muscle patterns. Leave with a stretch to continue muscle rehabilitation. 60 minutes starts at $90


THAI BODYWORK THERAPY: A combination of massage and yoga techniques done on a cushioned mat involving joint mobilization,
assisted passive stretching and meridian line compression. Client is clothed in athleisure wear.
120 minutes only is $160


SIGNATURE SCALP: Slow down with our soothing yet comprehensive signature scalp. This massage focuses on the chest, neck,
scalp/head, and face with an organic amalaki scalp oil serum (Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine blend of herbal extracts).
75 minutes starts at $99


FIVE POINTS: Focuses on nerve endings, mobility and vitality by massaging each extremity (both feet and hands), as well as the scalp making it 5 points. 75 minutes starts at $111


INCLUDED: Hot towel, DoTERRA essential oils, gua sha (when necessary) and nontoxic pure jojoba massage oil.


Cupping +$10
Maine CBD Balm +$6
Hot Himalayan Salt Stones +$10