12 Tips to Survive the Holidays

by Mary Moskowitz MS CHC and Laura Manual MA Ed.S Weight Loss Center of Maine   Do you have mixed feelings about the impending holiday season? Many of our clients seem more stressed than excited. The holidays can bring up mixed feelings for many. It is exciting yet challenging. You may be doing really wellContinue Reading

Naturopathic Doctors Thriving in Maine

20 Years After OK From Lawmakers The Maine Legislature passed a law in 1996 to license Naturopathic Doctors. There are now more than 30 NDs practicing in the state, including newcomers from Oregon, Hawaii, and Australia.   PORTLAND, Maine, Aug. 29, 2016 — When Naturopathic Doctor Devra Krassner moved to Maine in the early 1990s,Continue Reading

Healing From Past Life Trauma

I received an email from Vincent, a mid-twenties young man who had read several books about past life regression and wanted to see if he could go to a past life. He had been working with a transpersonal therapist, who suggested he tell me about the dream work they had been doing.   Vincent hadContinue Reading

A Smoking Cessation Oddity

Hugh Sadlier, M.Ed., BCCH Board Certified Consulting Hypnotist   People who want to stop smoking are usually able to do so in a straight-forward way. But because each person is unique, there may be as many “reasons” for the habit as there are people wanting to quit. While in hypnosis, they gather up from theirContinue Reading

Thriving After Cancer

My Integrative Approach   A cancer diagnosis is a life altering event not only for you, but your family and friends as well. Hearing the “C” word from your Doctor is frightening, to say the least!   In 2007, while shopping in my local grocery store, I received a call from my family doctor informingContinue Reading

Mercy Diagnostics Lab now offered at IHCM

Mercy Diagnostics Lab now offered at IHCM

Integrative Health Center of Maine is pleased to offer FREE blood draw services at our office through Mercy Diagnostics!  Mercy is a full-service laboratory that accepts all insurance plans.  Most importantly, there is ZERO OUT OF POCKET EXPENSE for copay or coinsurance.  This is a huge cost savings to the patient.  If you don’t haveContinue Reading

Avoid The Vacation Blues

Are you excited about your vacation plans but also concerned about blowing your diet when you are eating away from home? Many of you are either learning or have learned how to incorporate a healthy lifestyle plan that works for you on a daily basis. You try to eat balanced meals with fresh, whole foodsContinue Reading

Your Body Knows Best

If you are like most women today, you have tried every diet and fitness fad on the planet in your elusive quest for the perfect body and life (so you can finally live happily ever after). That “inner mean girl” in your head doesn’t hold back either. She is constantly reminding you of all yourContinue Reading

A Hypnosis Super Star

Life-Enhancing Hypnosis:        Empowering people to achieve optimal mental, physical and emotional well-being.   June 2016 A Hypnosis Super Star   We know the subconscious mind can be quite creative. But never before had a person with such “gifted hypnotic creativity” come to my office. When she did, it seemed like I wasContinue Reading

Congratulations Dr. Como!

The team at IHCM would like to congratulate Dr. Lauren Como who recently earned her Ph.D. in Social Work from Smith College School for Social work. Good Work Dr. Como, we are so proud of your accomplishment!