Jesse Mead, D.C., CSCS  —–(207)887-0555

Jesse Mead, D.C., CSCS —–(207)887-0555

Chiropractic Care

Jesse Mead, D.C. provides an open and caring environment where people can get proper guidance on issues such as spinal pain and optimum health. His goal is to make your clinical interactions life-changing.
The initial examination is a screening of vital signs, neurological function, and extent of injury.  The cornerstone of your visits will be the comprehensive evaluation of joint movement.  Subtle deficits in joint function can linger for decades if left untreated.  When these deficits are improved it is common to feel many years younger and more energetic.  The techniques that used are derived from Chiropractic, physical therapy, and massage therapy.


Contact Jesse Mead via Phone: 207 887-0555, Email  or for more about Dr. Jesse Mead and his practice visit www.sisuchiro.com