Hypno-Healthgram: The Final Issue, and Thank You!

Hi everyone,
I’ve decided to end the Hypno-Health monthly newsletters with this issue (#72) so that I can express my energies in new directions. While continuing my Hypno-Health practice, I will be working on a book project and exploring ways to use my voice outside the office, e.g. narrating audio books and doing commercials and voice-overs.
I thank those of you who have been on board since November 2010, as well as everyone else who has received the Hypno-Healthgrams since. I have enjoyed your support and comments during the past six years. And a special thanks to my son, Josh, who has provided the technical expertise that got the “Grams” to you each month.
With that, the final Hypno-Healthgram — “Lowering Blood Pressure” — is now live at:
You can catch up on previous issues by visiting the Newsletters page at:
Enjoy, and as always, happy health!