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Volunteers needed


Volunteers needed for Lyme Disease study

  • Do you know anyone with a deer tick bite with or without a bull’s-eye rash?


  • IHCM is seeking volunteers 5 years or older for a study to develop a new lab test for early detection of Lyme disease.


  • Volunteers will be compensated for their participation. They do not need to be patients of IHCM. 


  • Tick bite needs to be less than 30 days old, and no treatment started yet.


Please call 207-699-3830 for more information. 

Thank you and Be Well.



  Releasing Toxins with Hypnosis   At the Integrative Health Center of Maine, Dr. Sean McCloy, M.D., M.P.H., M.A and Hugh Sadlier, M. Ed., Board Certified Medical Hypnotherapist, are EXPANDING LYME HORIZONS. Dr. McCloy has successfully been treating Lyme disease patients with Intravenous Vitamin Therapies, Heavy Metal Detoxification, and his Holistic/Functional/Western Medical approach since 2002,